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Stereo Applications DSP board with Analogue Volume
Unlimited software updates

NEW Najda Boxed: EUR 545
NEW Optional USB audio input for Najda Boxed (PCM): EUR 105
Najda DSP V1.3: EUR 275
Analogue Expansion: EUR 110 (no stock)
Control Board (PCB only): EUR 12
Control Kit (PCB and all parts): EUR 45

Orfeusz 206

Orfeusz 206 Orfeusz 206

2 inputs/6 outputs real-time dynamic spatial audio processor

900 EUR
CLEARANCE - only a few units left: 149 EUR ! (Win XP only)

Orfeusz 412

Orfeusz 412 Orfeusz 412

4 inputs/12 outputs dynamic spatial audio processor

No stock - discontinued

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