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Position your loudspeakers...

A spatialized reinforcement session with one of our ORFEUSZ (pronounced "Orfea-oosh"!) devices starts as for any PA system set-up with the positioning and tuning of the speakers, which is done once for all for a fixed installation, and … let’s say rather more often for a touring set.

Orfeusz206 Speaker configuration examples

The Orfeusz control application takes you step by step through the process of locating your speakers in view of the geometry of the room at hand. First you’ll be prompted to draw an outline of the venue on the screen and to identify any obstacles on your sketch – ie excluded areas such as doors, furniture, a bar … Then just indicate the centre of the audience with the mouse, and a first proposed speaker configuration will pop up on the screen, positioned in a circle around the audience. You’ll now be able to increase or decrease the radius of the circle, effect a global rotation of the set of speakers and/or move the speakers individually until reaching your optimum speaker configuration both from the point of view of room geometry and audience coverage. After validation of your choice the application provides you with the position co-ordinates for each speaker. All you need now is a measuring tape.

Next comes speaker calibration, just as for any traditional sound system set-up. Connect the equipment together, run a test signal through each speaker channel from the position indicated as the centre of the audience, and match their levels using the application’s control panel. Once the speakers have been calibrated the application will allow you to increase / decrease the global volume at any stage without modifying the respective speaker level offsets. That’s it! All is now set for your session.

... and enjoy new mixing possibilities

There isn’t any predefined preferred direction for incident sound at the time of mixing. Sources can accurately be positioned in the required direction by the mixer. For more sophisticated needs, Orfeusz moreover supports several spatial effect modes, from the simple redirecting of incident sound to the simulation of one’s own, customized virtual acoustical environment, in which sources can further be animated at the mixer’s will. Orfeusz’ subtle rendering of this virtual environment in terms of reverberation, depth, distance and acceleration attributes will ensure an unrivalled listening pleasure and an exhilarating sound immersion experience. The mixer can also virtually move the audience, and as an alternative to cross-fading, “beam” the listener, whether gradually or abruptly, from one sound stage to the next.

WAF Speakers configuration

And Orfeusz has yet more strings to its bow: Traditionally monophonic audio effects can now be mapped into space, and/or coupled to source animation . Just imagine a vibrato whose rate varies according to the distance to the source, or a flanger whose mix rate dynamically adjusts to the audience’s speed of displacement …

With Orfeusz a new generation of audio tools is born, combining space, source/audience displacement and other audio effects with versatility and user-friendliness. Its potential in sound reinforcement and scenography still needs to be fully explored! Click here for a detailed presentation of our mixers.

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