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"One can say that in the future, music will take on a spatial character. I believe that the motion of sounds through space will be as important as melody, harmony, rhythm, dynamics, timbre."

Karlheinz Stockhausen


Based on the mature technologies of the Orfeusz 206, the new processor by WAF Orfeusz 412 is the outcome of several years of reflection and passion for the next level of sound experience.
Equipped with 4 inputs and 12 outputs of state of the art, Orfeusz 412 is the only processor in the world that offers true, real time, 3D sound reproduction in a 1-U package, and all the functionalities you will ever need for your sound setup, whatever it shall be.

The powerful spatial mode enables you to render, on up to 12 loudspeakers, the simultaneous trajectories of 4 independent sources in a customisable synthetic acoustic environment. With 12 loudspeakers, freely positioned, all the acrobatics are possible, and the audience is conquered by the perfect sound scenery where animated sources come to life.
Spatial sound according to Orfeusz 412 is a unique and unforgettable experience for the audience, and a gratifying practise for the artist/sound technician.

For traditional sound setups, stereo mode makes available all the necessary filtering and dynamics processing tools you could ever need, with a very user-friendly interface. A few clics only are required to fully configure Orfeusz 412, even for complex sound setups

Fully-featured, robust, reliable and upgradeable, Orfeusz 412 is the perfect PA processor for any application that you will ever imagine.

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